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Shesh Nag Temple

Shesh Nag Temple is the temple of Devta Sheshnag located on a 500 Metre small trek from the main Jibhi Market.

Devta Sheshnag towards public welfare incarnated first on the Earth in Delhi and reached Nirmand from there. Here, after meeting from Parashuram Ji, passing through Baadi Bahna, in the Suket region of district Mandi, after reaching a place called MahuNag established here his eldest ‘Kala’ and made fire an endless ‘Dhoona’.

By virtue of ‘Dev Leela’ bug even reached to his bed and started bite him. Accepting defeated he accepted the reign of Devta and presented all his wealth to him. Devta appointed him his store keeper and reached himself at a place named Baahu. There lived a mighty demon. Fled him away from there, Devta reached to a place namely Narahan passing through Bhoomiyan and Khadaropa. There he appointed his first ‘Mehta’.

From Narahan, Sheshnag reached to Mihar where he meet Narayani Devi and moving forward ahead, reached to a place namely Sar of Kothi Khadagaad. There he appointed another ‘Mehta’ then Devta reached to a place namely Rashala passing through Kuthachi.

There it was the reign of Devta Rashalu. Because this place pleased Sheshnag very much so with the help of Lagisari Devta he send Rashalu Devta to another place and make Rashala his reign and entered in the charriot of Rashalu Devta. On this very beautiful place, Devta, from his devine power flowed clough both side and hence this place had taken the shape of a tongue. From then, this place is known as Jibhee and Devta was called Jibhee Devta. The main temple is in Jibhee and all the activities like Deuli and other programs are managed from here. Common people worship Devta regard him as his diety.

Featuring Videos of Shesh Nag Devta taken by Digital Nomads

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